Asset Management

We provide comprehensive and integrated legal solutions to both international and domestic banks and financial institutions, investment funds and corporate houses on structuring and establishment of onshore and offshore funds; listed and unlisted investment vehicles, including general or sector-specific private equity vehicles, and venture capital funds, mutual funds, and other pooled investments.

Our clients receive support across the full series of their transactions we work closely with our colleagues in our corporate, banking, capital markets, and litigation teams and can advise on the acquisition and disposal of underlying assets or other fund interests.

Our areas of expertise include establishing both private and listed funds, advising in the regulatory matters affecting investment advisors and managers, and structuring and closing investment management M&A transactions. We also assist in negotiating investment management documentation and creating bespoke investment platforms.


Our Communications practice is handled by a domain-expertise based team which advises various stakeholders in both Telecom & Broadcasting sectors on a wide range of transactions and assignments involving constitutional, regulatory and policy issues.

With our rich industry experience, we enable our clients to navigate legal issues in this rapidly evolving sector. We also facilitate coalitions when necessary to deal with industry level legal and policy issues. Our wide-ranging experience includes regulatory approvals and compliance – including licensing and spectrum allocation; legislative and policy advocacy; transactional representation; acquisitions and divestments and trial and appellate disputes. Our experience and the people in the team offer the most suitable and cutting-edge legal solutions to our clients.

Construction & Engineering

Sim And San have a deep understanding of the wide range of issues that exist in the Construction & Engineering sector. We represent contractors, sub-contractors, project suppliers, consultants and other service providers in the construction and engineering space. Our experience ranges across the entire spectrum of public and private-sector development, engineering, construction and supply activities undertaken by our clients.

We have thorough knowledge about the legal issues that our clients in this sector can face, and we specialize in helping them navigate through these challenges with a practical and commercially viable approach. We provide legal advice on design and build contracts, joint bidding and joint development agreements, turnkey projects, infrastructure projects, heavy construction works, EPC contracts, supply contracts, installation and commissioning contracts and operations and maintenance contracts. We represent clients in complex and high stakes disputes which typically tend to arise in this sector including resolution through mediation conciliation, dispute resolution boards.

We handle such disputes through arbitration – domestic and international – and through the court process.


Energy sector presents a challenging environment owing to the dynamic and multifaceted factors that are at play. We represent clients in the hydrocarbon (oil and gas) across the entire spectrum of upstream exploration and production (offshore and onshore) to transportation and downstream refining and distribution. In the power sector (both conventional and renewable) we work across the entire gamut of generation, transmission, and distribution.

We provide end to end legal services in this sector. The legal work we do in this sector extends from general corporate and commercial work (including contracting for producers and service suppliers); financing including project financing; acquisitions and divestments; private placement of equity and initial public offerings; and dispute resolution including regulatory disputes.

The most extensive area of our expertise in this sector is regulatory and policy including all aspects of licensing, market structures, competition, performance standards; tariffs; environmental and sustainable development issues and lastly but not the least compliance. We have extensive practice before regulatory authorities in this sector including electricity regulatory commissions and central and state level and petroleum and natural gas regulatory board. We also advise government and regulatory authorities on the development of legal, regulatory and policy frameworks and the promotion of Public-Private Partnership in this sector.

Sim And San represent a wide range of entities in the sector, including state-owned and private utilities, contractors, off-takers, central and state governments, lenders, development agencies, state electricity regulatory commissions; Oil & Gas companies and oilfield service providers.

Hospitality & Leisure

The firm has advised leading global hotel chains across segments in regards to the different modes available to them for entering the Indian market and the restrictions applicable to such modes. We understand the variety of hospitality and leisure legal issues that arise and advise on development, acquisition and divestment and contractual arrangements; franchise, management and outsourcing operations; management agreements and operations; corporate, joint ventures and fund formation; finance and restructuring; franchise, outsourcing and commercial agreements; data privacy security and technology arrangements. We have cross-disciplinary support from partners and colleagues from various practice areas throughout the Firm to cater to this sector.

Our clients include owners, managers, franchisors, developers and lenders; global, regional and national hotels; resort businesses; serviced apartments; and leisure and sports operators (theme and amusement parks, health and fitness facilities, leisure complexes, cinemas).

Aerospace, Defence & Security

Our lawyers combine their legal expertise to develop commercial solutions that make long-term business sense. With practical expertise in aerospace, defence and security and lawyers who have worked in the industry, we can advise on all the legal issues you face within the sector.

We have advised on just about every type of agreement, transaction, and dispute that the industry presents. Drawing on our industry experience we can support our clients with real workable and useful advice.

We possess expertise in:

  • Systems integration
  • Defence contracting and procurement
  • International co-operation and competition
  • Corporate
  • Partnering, alliances and strategic partnerships
  • PFI, equipment leasing and receivables financing
  • Technology
  • Export Control and Customs
  • IPR
  • Risk allocation
  • Employment and immigration
  • Dispute resolution

Retail & Consumer

Our firm advises some of the world's best-known brands, including high-street retailers, household products companies, luxury brands, and food & beverage businesses.

Our lawyers are at the forefront of this rapidly changing market and are able to guide you through the constantly evolving challenges and opportunities facing this sector, such as the impact of technology and innovation, globalization, rapidly changing consumer purchasing patterns, and the importance of maintaining brand reputation.

Our multi-disciplinary team can provide you with strategic solutions through a full range of legal services, including:

  • Anti-trust and competition
  • Consumer law, including advertising, marketing and promotions
  • Corporate
  • Cybersecurity
  • Dispute resolution and avoidance
  • Disruptive technology and e-Commerce
  • Domestic and global brand management
  • Franchising, licensing, distribution & multi-channel expansion strategies
  • HR, immigration, employment and benefit services
  • Intellectual property, including brand protection, patent and design protection
  • Privacy & data protection
  • Real estate
  • Tax, transfer, pricing & shareholder tax planning

Fashion & Luxury

For manufacturers and sellers of fashion, luxury, and retail products, intellectual property — including brands, trademarks, copyrights, and patents — is an essential element of a successful business model. In an era of increased global competition and consolidation, constantly shifting import/export and trade policies, and the growing threats of trade secret loss and counterfeit and grey market goods, companies must balance the tension between preserving iconic product qualities and customer demands for new and innovative offerings.

At Sim And San, we recognize that industry size provides no guarantee of business security. While the global value of the fashion, luxury, and retail sectors have remained steady, sales growth and profit margins have begun to stagnate. New technologies and digital innovation are key to supply-chain efficiency, lower procurement costs, and enhancement of sourcing opportunities, all of which support new entrants to the market and increase competitive pressure on established brands.

To help corporations, privately held companies, and individual designers protect and maximize their brands, we draw on our considerable experience in all areas of intellectual property law, including trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs, trade secrets, and patents. We offer the best of all worlds: the focused guidance found in a midsize IP firm; sophisticated solutions delivered cost-effectively; and the international perspective and global resources of a long-established, industry-connected legal services provider.

We partner with our clients to better understand their current needs and long-term strategies, from developing new products and brands to entering new markets or expanding existing market share. We understand the unique IP issues that arise at each step of the product development, manufacturing, and sales processes, and develop cross-border legal solutions and protections for creative assets and proprietary information.


The firm has a rich history, spanning more than two decades, of representing major print publishing houses, and in the past has, and continues to, advise them on litigations relating to IP claims, contract disputes, manuscript clearance, anti-piracy as well as policy issues etc. The firm has been involved in landmark cases involving well known publishing and print houses on different aspects of copyright issues, such as, “authors moral rights”, “fair dealing/fair use”, amongst others. The now well-known case of Malhotra Book Depot Vs. Syndicate of Univ. of Cambridge & Ors. is a landmark decision on the issue of “fair dealing/fair use” and originality in copyright law and is treated as a precedent across the country.

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